Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My scrap buddies and I created some journals for each of us. What Iv learned by making these pages: First, I love journaling!;D...Second, it was not easy to keep the consistency of my works. I hardly keep them stay at the same style /design /colors. I want to make something that reflect me "Aha..That's Alice's!" thing. Ooh boy..I am still searching high...!! ;p
Anyway here are some pages that Iv made for my friends (Ria, Dhani, and Sisi).
Thanks again for my dearest son 'Gerald' for helping his desperate mom in drawing the dress for her friends' faces ;p

This one for Ria Nirwana..
These ones for mba Dhani..Some pages for Sisi..Awaiting passionately what my friends gonna make for me...;p


  1. Speechless.....:)
    I am very thrilled to get this wonderful journals from you, Alice!!!!! :)Thank you so much....