Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Made With Love

It is such an honor to be part of Design Team MWL team Jakarta.

The opening ceremony was held from June 3-5th at Grand Indonesia, center of Jakarta. It was beautiful and well arranged. I am happy to be part of it.

Me, Ria Nirwana, Helen (the owner), Lexa, and Mitha

Ria Nirwana and me

The success team (owner) of MWL Singapore and Jakarta

The crowd was amazing!!

My kids were having good times, the regeneration has started =D

So lucky to meet Irene Tan, she is the one who has been personally hand-picked by Tim Holtz himself to design for him.

Lia Abdullah, Head of the Maya Road Design Team =D

I had not got chance to get personal photo with Emeline Seet, I saw her just a hand grabbed distance, but so sad I could not find my husband (who hold the camera) to take the pic for me =(.  Emeline if you read this, you owe me one picture ok! lol


  1. you look gorgeous ciii....
    congrats for being the DT of MWL, you really deserve it, sweetie!
    *with lots of kisses and gorilla hugs*

  2. ikutan banggaaaaaaaa.... aaa.... *hugsssss

  3. Isur: hands up in the the roller coaster..haha...
    Jane: Thank you soo much =D