Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cup Cake Album

I finally finished the album of my daughter's 5th Birthday.
Got inspired by DC Cupcakes (ooh I love the show so much!! *_*)


Cup Cakes anyone?

Here's a little know how to make the (express) cupcakes....

Curve the edges...


  1. DC cupcakes' show indeed had influence on every is on my girl! hahaha......she makes cupcakes 3 times a week! *phew.
    I want to record her journey in the love of baking through an album too someday.
    Your album is cute and adorable as always, dear.....and thanks for the 'express' cup cake tutorial. It's sooo nice and useful!:))

  2. Hi Alice! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! It's lovely to meet you! This cupcake album is just yummy!!! :)

  3. Nice tips, alice. Thanks for sharing.. Such a cute albums... Love it!

  4. Ria: the show is really made me wanna have cup cake store..then reminded by my very poor baking just pops..I prefer to make the paper one..LOL
    Dhea, maybe you could have one store just like them some day...keep on practice >_*

    Sharon: Thanks so much for stopping by and comment on my make my day =D Your class is one of make a wish list..I wish Santa would make it real =D

    Levana: Thanks for visiting my's really nice to know you =)