Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Nothing can describe my feelings at this moment....This morning I woke up with heavy headache..then found one little funny spot on my body...some my heart says it's chicken pox ( my son had about two weeks ago) but the other half says it's probably not...
So I rushed to the doctor... and well it's official I had it. My first time and at the right time...tomorrow is my first workshop at Surabaya... i only have waited this for all my life.

I feel really sad... (not recommend it to anyone).
My sincere apology for those who have registered and paid the money for my class...and especially to MWL(Helen and Paramitha). Thanks very much for all your kind understanding.


  1. Oh dear....I know how you feel! I just had chicken pox last Christmas! Got left out of all the fun... but the plus side is I got a lot of rest! Here's wishing you a quick recovery. :)

  2. Oh Sharon, seeing your warm symphaty fades my pain away...Thanks so much're the best!!

  3. The fun were really not complete without youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
    *still sad so so much*

  4. Riaaa..aa..aa..*w/ echo ...your class were amazing as usual sweetieee...mine only dream at this moment *lol