Saturday, September 22, 2012

First on TV

My first experience on TV....feeling nervous surely, and really glad I did it. Thank you Sindo TV (Ms. Poppy Zeidra - Producer) for the opportunity and all the marvelous crew (Mas Mudja, Mba Eri, Mba Ulfa...and friends, Mba Ivy Batuta and her cute daughter 'Qiara'- host)
Thanks to my dearest  hubby ^^ kiddos, Made With Love Indonesia, my closest friends (Ria Nirwana and Suryanti Halim), Sindo and all my big family's support...give you all BIG HUGS.


  1. SO COOL !! CONGRATULATIONS !! U are a star =) !!

  2. i know there's a star inside of you ! *big hugs